Fluxmedia is a research-creation network located in Montreal. The network is made up of artists, scholars, citizens and research labs engaged with interdisciplinary research across art and the life sciences, including biology, digital and electronic media art, art/sci and transdisciplinary art practices. Research projects initiated through Fluxmedia explore how emerging technologies and biomedia intersect with new modes of artistic practice and cultural theory. Fluxmedia is a space of exploration, working with science and art techniques to reflect on the socio-political, aesthetic, ethical and environmental dimensions implicated through the use of new bioimaging and visualization technologies.

Fluxmedia facilitates the following:

  • Workshops that engage hands on research with scientific techniques in the biological wet lab and digital imaging microscopy lab.
  • Bringing specialists and non-specialists together for workshops, interviews, discussion groups, lectures, symposia, and skill-sharing,
  • The development of art/sci projects, publications and interdisciplinary collaborative exchange.