Anne-Marie Belley


Anne-Marie Belley is an Art History PhD candidate at Université du Québec à Montréal.
By challenging social and ecological roles of  the exhibition and the collection as epistemological research fields in art history, Anne-Marie is studying vitalism’s new possibilities as the obscur part of biological thinking (Nouvel, 2011) to experiment a non-linear history based on matter and its issues (lives and deaths) on Earth and in Modernity (Landa, 2000 ; Bennett, 2010). The database project and exhibition «L’art est vivant : du savoir-faire aux matières» (Maison des arts de Laval, 2016-17, to be toured in Quebec after) mediates one century of cultural history in Quebec (arts and sciences) as a «local model» for a «Wet Art History».

In 2013 she graduated from a master in art history (UQAM) where she studied inuit sculptures (UQAM’s gallery’s art collection) and their historical and contemporary issues, confronting a linear (dry) canadian art history. Since 2010, she is also studying biotechnological art. In 2013, she curated the collective exhibition De la nature (Galerie les Territoires) and organized a symposium on transdisciplinarity (Société des arts technologiques). Today, along the new paradigme of liveliness generated by biotechnological arts and sciences, she is convinced that art history has come to a challenging time for taking part in social and political changes. Previously to her research work, she also worked as a writer and coordinator in communication for a variety of art centers in Montreal.