Field workshop with Brandon Ballengée

Guest artist Brandon Ballengée took fluxmedia members and students from COMS 642 on a field trip and tour of (deformed) salamanders the McGill Gault Nature Reserve sunday 1-6pm (March 28th).   The following week students staged & analysed limb buds on salamanders, then imaged the samples with the Fluxmedia inverted microscope.

Brandon Ballengée
Artist and Biologist. Candidate for Ph.D.University of Plymouth, England in collaboration with Z_Node, Zurich University for the Arts, Switzerland. Visiting Scientist at Redpath Museum, McGill University
More than many environmental artists, the work of Brandon Ballengée bridges the gap between research biology and art. He combines a fascination with fish and amphibians with the techniques of commercial art photography. In 1996 Ballengée began collaborating with scientists to create hybrid environmental art/ ecological research projects. Since then he has had numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally in which he presents photographs and biological samples of the creatures he collects. He is involved directly with field research and uses the visual impact of science to engage the public in a discussion of broader environmental issues.