De la nature


Anne-Marie Balley, curator for the exhibition “De la Nature”, presents works of former and current affiliates of Fluxmedia including Kelly Andres, Brandon Ballengée, Claire Kenway and Alison Reiko Loader.

De la nature establishes links between the art practices of four artists who use visual arts, science and technology in their works. The final works take on the form of a make-believe futuristic invention, a curiosity cabinet and a lab installation. The works presented in De la nature transgress boundaries between pure sciences, visual arts and media arts while redefining the viewer’s perception of living organisms. Each work makes use of the artists’ interest in scientific research in order to create a new visual language. Through this process, the artists challenge assumptions on the seemingly impossible reconciliation between science and art, the past and the present, tradition and technology and finally undo binary categories of knowledge and experience. Also hybrid, they borrow from various media such as sculpture, video and audio art as well as photography. Interactive and often immersive, the works will continually evolve through the passage of time and the visitors’ reactions. This process of constant change will defy nature’s cycles and the way we conceptualize their study.

The show runs from January 17-February 23, 2013 at Les Territoires, in Montreal.


Édifice Belgo, 372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, suite 527, Montréal
[img: Claire Kenway, Acousticaquatica, 2012 | Alison Reiko Loader, Malacosoma disstria, 2013 | Brandon Ballengée, Malamp QC: The Occurrence of Deformities in Quebec Amphibians, 2009- ongoing | Kelly Andres, Automata for Color II, 2012]