Mapping Bacteria


In this workshop, led by UK artist Anna Dumitriu, participants will develop an understanding of the bacterial flora that surrounds them and use guerrilla projection and video mapping to reveal that hidden world to others. The workshop will also develop ideas around bacterial chemical communication (Quorum Sensing) and man made digital communications networks.

Following a DIY ethos, Anna will teach students and researchers how to make agar plates with kitchen supplies and goods (such as agar agar and honey) and grow bacteria swabbed from the classroom.  The bacteria will be imaged with a microscope and made into a timelapse video.  The final video will be projected onto the surface where the swab was taken revealing the hidden and unseen life of microbes in the room.

Following the workshop with Anna, Alex May will demonstrate how to work with “Painting with Light”, the free video projection mapping software (created by May) used for mapping the video of  bacteria.  Students and researchers will produce their own video mapping prototypes with the software

Alex May

Anna Dumitriu