Najmeh Khalili-Mahani


Najmeh Khalili-Mahani, MEng, PhD, is a Scientist at PERFORM and adjunct professor in the Department of Psychology, Concordia University. She completed her PhD in Neuroscience (2009, McGill University), MA in Film Studies (2008, Concordia University, mostly focusing on Women of the Iranian Cinema) and received four years of post-doctoral training in Leiden University, in The Netherlands. Since returning to Montreal, in 2013, she served as the Bioinformatics Advisors and Scientific liaison in PERFORM Centre and McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, a Montreal hub for developing computational methods and cyber-infrastructure for studying the behavioral and epigenetic substrates of neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative diseases in large populations. Naj is a neuroimager, and an expert in using MRI to study effect of stress hormones and psychoactive drugs on brain function. At PERFORM Centre, she is taking a new multidisciplinary approach to bring her passion for Communication studies, Electromagnetic Engineering and Psychophysiology together and start a collaborative network to study Cyberwellness: Rethinking Health in the Age of New Media and Biosensored Networks. This research revisits her earlier theories in Neurophenomenology, a Discourse for Post-Modernism; The Work of Cinema in the Age of Digital Re-production, and the sociopolitical power of visual sensorium, to address questions about the phenomenology of screens connected to biosensors and beyond. Naj hosts a meet up group entitled Brain, Self and Society, dedicated to critical analysis of media-interpretation of current neuroscience trends, and how they influence perspectives, perceptions and politics at the level of individual and society.