Fluxmedia, Speculative Life Lab and Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology official launch


(Images by Marta de Menezes 2016)

Fluxmedia and the new Speculative Life lab officially launched the new biosafety level 2 wet lab at the Milieux Institute in March 2016.

Robert Everett-Green of the Globe and Mail summarizes the role of Speculative Life Lab within the larger research culture at Milieux Institute here:



In January of 2016, the Fluxmedia Laboratory ( a facility within the Fluxmedia Network) ┬ámade a big move from its’ wet lab space situated in the Biology Department at Concordia University at Loyola Campus to the new Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology located in the EV building, downtown Concordia campus. All the wet lab equipment including a biosafety cabinet, Co2 incubator, fridge, -80 freezer, phase microscope, imaging computer and disposable materials for tissue culturing was relocated into the new facilities run by Milieux Institute and donated to the larger hybrid laboratory space, including electronic media such as arduino kits, soldering and computer stations. ┬áThis merging of Fluxmedia and the new Speculative Life Lab- part of the Milieux Institute- was completed in February and opened in March 2016 at Milieux during the Institute’s official launch.