Tristan Matheson


Tristan Matheson is an interdisciplinary researcher and media artist. Matheson’s eclectic scholarly background spans from archaeology (Wadi-ath-Thamad Project in Jordan, 2010-2012), growing and photographing an outdoor hybridised sustainable garden (Wundergarden, 2012) to his most recent work which analyses the social and physiological movements in cancer culture both from a biological and cultural stance  (Contagious Matters, 2013-2016). His recent research has been shown at the Cinematique du Quebec (2015), the FOFA Gallery as part of the international media, art, history conference in Montreal (2015) and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (2016).

As a transsexual bioartist Matheson has also been involved in a documentary production called Flux, directed by Suvi Helminen, artist in residence at MIT. As a participant of Flux his interest lies in bodily discourse and how artistic forms as well as biological transformation can educate ourselves and others pertaining to identity, biological and medical practices and the social around gender.

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